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If you have unfinished elective courses here at 1 Free CE, they can still be taken for credit. Simply go to the Your Account tab and choose Your Courses. Then login as normal. Thank you!

1 Free CE is now offering all its courses (including the new 2014-2015 Legal, Ethics and Broker Responsibility courses through our sister school, Absolute Continuing Education.

AbsoluteCE.com has the same:

  • Great courses
  • Great pricing
  • Committed Texas owners, and
  • Course delivery options.

Please click here to see our MCE course offerings..

Returning Customers: By now you realize that TREC has expired the 2012-2013 versions of the Legal and Ethics courses

Please call Elliott or Michelle at 800-833-1884 to get you signed up for the new, replacement courses. There is no charge for this.

Why We Are The Best Value in Continuing Education?

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